“The original bid exceeded the funds available for construction of the project… Hydro Construction Company offered options in several areas which permitted us to reduce the contract price to an amount which could be funded… Aside from the cooperation we received in negotiated the contract changes, Hydro Construction performed extremely well with respect to the construction of the project. Their approach was well organized and professional in all respects.”

Stephen Ceasar

Glenn Briggs & Associates, Inc.

“On behalf of the Coors Water Resources Department, I wanted to send a “Thank you” for the good job you did on the rehabilitation of one of our reservoirs this past summer. I know the high elevation of this reservoir made working conditions difficult at times but the Hydro Construction crew handled it all.”

Neil Jaquet

Director, Real Estate and Water Resources, Coors Brewing Company

“One of my first projects back in the olden days at Frisco was building piping into one of our major lift stations with Rod’s dad Larry. It was one of those “we don’t have the time or the flow storage” type projects, much like this current project. We had to take the pump station apart, build the piping through the night while the flow was down, and have it working before dawn’s early light and houses began to flood. Plus it stunk to high heaven. When I have those kinds of projects, it not possible to take a chance on a company I don’t have complete trust in. Hydro always comes to my mind first. Of course we pulled the pump station build off, just like the current project.”

Butch Green

Former District Manager, Frisco Sanitation District

“The tremendous power of flood waters has surely been matched in strength by caring and supportive individuals…Through this recent adversity, District staff has been strengthened by your spontaneous generosity, concern for our welfare and willingness to offer aid as we proceed to replace utter devastation with affirmative restoration.”

Chris Bieker

District Manager; Upper Thompson Sanitation District

“I have been in the water treatment field for 34 years, including a long stint with Denver Water, and I have to tell you – I can’t remember a crew, or a contractor, that was more pleasurable to work with.”

Nelson F. Yarlott, CWP

Resident Operator; City of Greeley/Bellvue WTP

“Hydro’s efforts to not only support the team during design, but provide the best product for the funds available make them a pleasure to work with. During construction, when unforeseen conditions or construction challenges are discovered, it’s never “that’s the Engineer/Owner’s problem”. Challenges are faced as a team, with Hydro providing support in suggesting solutions, alternative analysis, and timely input regarding schedule impacts for various alternatives.”

Lincoln Mueller, Jr., P.E.

CWP, Utilities Project Manager; City of Fort Collins

“His (Freddi Baladez, Hydro Superintendent) organization, leadership, and critical thinking coupled with his pleasant demeanor has made this project the best I’ve been involved in. I would undoubtedly recommend Hydro Construction for any project under Freddi’s leadership.”

Megan Lockwood

Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager; City of Casper

“Our water treatment facility reflects a cost-effective design reflective of the needs of our community… Because of our satisfaction with the performance of Hydro on the water treatment facility, the partnership of the Town and Hydro was continued for the design and building of our new wastewater treatment facility.”

Allen Coyne

Former Town Manager, Town of Julesburg

“The questions asked by Hydro during the walk-through showed a high degree of sophistication, experience, and expertise. Fortunately for me, Hydro “won” the project and my early impressions have proven true throughout the contract.”

Chuck Reid

Former Town Manager; Town of Fraser

“I think the single biggest thing that sets Hydro apart from other contractors is the people. They take pride in their work and it shows. Hydro’s communication skills and their knowledge of general plant operations really made a difficult construction project go very smoothly. Without Hydro performing the work I’m not sure we could have pulled it off.”

Matt Smith

District Manager; Frisco Sanitation District

Hydro Construction is now part of Hensel Phelps

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