At Hydro Construction, our goals are to ensure that every team member (employee) has the safest possible work environment and to exemplify safety leadership in the construction industry. In order to achieve these goals, we aspire to instill a mentality in every team member that safety comes first above all else.

Our safety program is at the core of our culture. A culture based on building and maintaining relationships, not only with owners, engineers, suppliers or other contractors but with each other as well. Our safety program is based on being prepared for each and every worksite task through job safety analysis (JSA) and daily pre-task planning. Total management commitment, accountability, and team member involvement are essential to maintaining our program and culture.

Safety Innovation & Integration

Hydro Construction Company, Inc. is a unique and diverse company with over 42 years of success due to our ability to be innovative on each and every project. Integrating safety at every stage of a project has been essential to our success. Whether it is during the design phase, project construction, or commissioning; we want to ensure that each project is completed safely.

Our success with safety in the water and wastewater industry has included unique demolition and equipment installations, diverse construction dewatering and excavation plans, and trenchless technology projects among the many water and wastewater treatment facilities and expansions we have completed.

Hydro Construction was recognized for their success by being awarded the State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Workers’ Compensation Safety and Cost Containment award in 2011. Hydro Construction has been Cost Containment Certified since 2003.

Hydro Construction is now part of Hensel Phelps

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