Project Delivery

With more than four decades of construction experience, Hydro Construction Company, Inc. has been involved in a wide variety of construction delivery models. No matter the scenario, Hydro Construction assembles a team to meet the individualized needs of every client and every project. We strive to bring a team approach to every project.

Alternative Product Delivery System

This alternative delivery model continues to gain acceptance in our industry for various types of complex major capital, multi-work order style projects. The process allows for the establishment of goals, issues and responsibilities early in the design phase.  This allows the project team (owner/engineer/contractor) to focus on these goals and develop objectives by cooperation, team building and mutual trust.

Further benefits consist of:

  • Enhanced problem solving
  • Improved project constructibility
  • Cost benefit through innovation
  • Better design and cost control in the project’s early phases
  • Reduced project time and improved quality
  • Cost control reporting and reconciliation throughout construction
  • Development of long-term relationships

We have also adopted the alternative product delivery policies promoted by the City of Fort Collins Utilities Department:

  • We don’t just meet the schedule, we drive it.
  • We don’t just talk safety, we live it.
  • We don’t just identify problems, we solve them.


With the vast array of construction solutions available, many owners are electing to use the Design-Build delivery process to complete projects with unique demands. Benefits under this delivery model include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Reduced project timeline
  • Elimination of any possible conflicts between designer and general contractor

Hydro Construction Company, Inc. has participated in several successful Design-Build endeavors with various design partners. Please contact us for more information.


The standard in the construction industry and the choice of many municipalities and special districts, the Design-Bid-Build process offers project owners the ability to develop a firm fixed priced project through competitive bidding procedures. Even in this environment of project delivery, Hydro Construction Company, Inc. strives to develop relationships with the owner’s design team. The projects benefit by having a clear knowledge of organizational structure with clear lines of communication, thus enabling the project team to identify and resolve project issues quickly and efficiently.

Construction Manager at Risk

Under the CM at Risk delivery model, a public owner prequalifies and selects a Construction Manager (CM) during the design phase. The CM provides planning, estimating, scheduling and other consulting services to the Owner and Architect during the design phase. When the design is near completion, the CM and the awarding authority negotiate a Guaranteed Maximum Price (“GMP”) and schedule. The CM then acts as the general contractor during the construction of the project and prequalifies and procures all of the construction trade contractors that will perform the work. The CM is required to share all cost information with the public owner so that an informed public owner will only pay for the Cost of the Work plus an agreed fee for the CM up to the GMP.

Hydro Construction has completed several projects over the past five years under the CM at Risk model. We have the ability to greatly enhance projects’ features while giving the owners the security of a known not-to-exceed Cost.

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