Innovative Solutions for Water Treatment

Innovative Solutions for Water Treatment

Innovative Solutions for Water Treatment

Innovative Solutions for Water Treatment

Innovative Solutions for Water Treatment

Hydro Difference

As part of a larger community, it’s important that we demonstrate to future generations the importance of respect and constant pursuit of excellence. We accomplish this through innovation, investment, involvement and integrity.

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“The original bid exceeded the funds available for construction of the project… Hydro Construction Company offered options in several areas which permitted us to reduce the contract price to an amount which could be funded… Aside from the cooperation we received in negotiated the contract changes, Hydro Construction performed extremely well with respect to the construction of the project. Their approach was well organized and professional in all respects.”

Stephen Ceasar

Glenn Briggs & Associates, Inc.

“Due to Hydro’s quality of work and ability to consistently meet the schedule, the City negotiated directly with Hydro to construct the high pressure pumping system using a modified design build process… Hydro provided a project team that operated in a professional manner to provide quality work that was consistently completed ahead of the challenging project schedule.”

Robert Demis, P.E.

Project Manager; Hatch Mott MacDonald

“I wish to extend my appreciation to you and the Hydro Construction team for accomplishing in the required time frame what appeared to be a virtually impossible task… your staff never lost sight of pushing the envelope to work towards the common goal.”

Sam Boone

Project Engineer, City of Greeley

“I think the single biggest thing that sets Hydro apart from other contractors is the people. They take pride in their work and it shows. Hydro’s communication skills and their knowledge of general plant operations really made a difficult construction project go very smoothly. Without Hydro performing the work I’m not sure we could have pulled it off.”

Matt Smith

District Manager; Frisco Sanitation District

“The questions asked by Hydro during the walk-through showed a high degree of sophistication, experience, and expertise. Fortunately for me, Hydro “won” the project and my early impressions have proven true throughout the contract.”

Chuck Reid

Former Town Manager; Town of Fraser

Our Portfolio

Greeley Boyd & Bellvue Lake WTP

Our work at the Bellvue facility included the removal of filter media, demolition of filter underdrains, cleaning of the plenum, replacement of underdrains, placement of filter media, and repair of filter concrete basins.

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